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Stingray Premium Pro Indoor Window and Glass Cleaning Kit 330

Unger Stingray System, the most efficient indoor cleaning tool EVER!
* Cleans windows 25% faster and uses up to 39% less chemicals than traditional methods
* Enclosed spray nozzle prevents overspraying minimises waste and airborne chemicals
* Superior Cleaning Power – Lint free, easy glide microfiber collects dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt.
* Push Button Simplicity – Effortlessly apply glass cleaner at the push of a button at any height
* Cleans and Protects – Scotchgard™ Protection makes glass easier to clean over time
* Get professional results with minimal training
* Working height 4m (13ft).

This Pro use kit features our Stingray system, three extension poles to reach heights of 3.27m (11ft),  Scotchgard™  glass cleaner, and the new deep cleaning microfiber pad all in a convenient carrying bag.

1x Stingray Handheld Unit
1x Stingray Glass Cleaner Pouch
1x Stingray Microfibre TriPad
1x Stingray Deep Clean Microfibre TriPad
1x Stingray Bag
1x Easy-Click-Pole short: 1x 0.63m
2x Easy-Click-Pole long: 2 x 1.24m
2x AA batteries*

*Powered by 2x AA batteries lasting out approx. 6 months based on 11.000 cycles of one-second pushes

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