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7523932 ENSIGN EVO 350

TASKI Ensign Evo 350 a professional and ultra efficient mains powered upright vacuum cleaner.

High efficient and powerful vacuum motor with protection from the bypass airflow valve provides highly efficent performance.
Designed to be ultra reliable, the majority of servicing can be completed without the use of tools.
Convieniant brush and filter replacment and easy change of filter bags ensure maximum efficiency with minimum downtime.
Complete with detachable handle & cable.
Please note this does not include dust bags.
To order please visit 6076768 Paper dust bags - 5 ltr (Packet of 10) to add to basket.

• The flat-to-the-floor profile allows cleaning under furniture with ease.
• Utilises high performance S-class filtration including a three layer filter bag and doublesize electrostatic exhaust filter
• Compliant to EU Directives
• Ease of servicing with convenient brush and filter replacement
• Designed to be ultra reliable
• Available in three cleaning sizes, 12” (30cm), 14” (36cm) and 18” (46cm)

Code: 7523932